Bethany 5Hi!

I am Bethany Kerr. I am passionate about health and wellness, particularly a healthy diet and exercise. I created this blog about a year ago because my friends and my family members kept asking me to share my recipes with them. Trying and experimenting with new foods is one of my favorite things to do! I am so grateful for all the support and love that I have received since I launched “It’s Raining Veggies.”

Currently, I am at student at Brigham Young University-Provo. I am majoring in Exercise and Wellness with a minor in Nutrition. After graduating this year, I will be applying for Physical Therapy programs.

I struggle with Endometriosis and PCOS. I will periodically post about my health updates and what I have been learning about my body through my doctor’s appointments and my personal health experiences. I believe that life is what we make of it! It is difficult to live with a chronic illness, but choosing happiness despite our circumstances is a choice that we get to make everyday.

I hope you can feel my happiness and love for nutrition and exercise by following my blog!